I’ve decided on The South Beach Diet. I haven’t finished the book but I am roughly half way through and it sounds very nutritionally sound and, scientifically, it makes sense. I’ve taken nutrition classes and try to study on the topic whenever I get the chance, so I felt pretty qualified to make a good decision.

I’ve studied other nutrition plans and I like that this one has flexibility within its principles. I need flexibility but I also need rules. I like rules. I want to finish the book tomorrow or Saturday.

Tomorrow I want to start researching recipes for the first phase. It tells you to do the first phase for two weeks but I want to do at least three. Three is the goal, four is the “Woot, I am totally awesome!” moment. I won’t do it any longer than that but with how much weight and because of my general pessimism I think that I need to see some dramatic results in the first little while so that I can actually stick with it.

I do have some good recipes in mind that I like to make that I think fit the bill. Maybe I will post some of them. I am also trying to see if some of my favorite “healthy” (They really are healthy when I don’t get a Vanilla Coke with them) meals fit the bill as well. I haven’t chosen a start date yet because I need to see where my paychecks fall so that I can buy food.

On a completely unrelated note, today was another day with no sugar cravings, strange.

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