Today I was so happy that I had bought a few things of refried beans. I was so hungry when I came home for lunch but my kitchen was in use by another resident of my humble abode. I just opened a can and started scoffing. Well, there were a few more steps there and I didn’t eat the whole can.

I was thinking while in transit to and from work how to make this whole thing really work. It isn’t a temporary fix, but a change of attitude and habits and that takes time, effort, and persistence. I have to make it work within my lifestyle. I work late, for instance, and I am ALWAYS hungry when I finish work. I spent almost an hour tonight trying to convince myself that I was not really hungry, that I had eaten enough food for the day, thank you very much, but my body was simply telling me otherwise. I have to work in an after work meal, at least for now.

It’s strange what gets really exciting when you are broke. I had $6 left when I went grocery shopping tonight and I was so excited that I could afford to get a .$89 package of turkey slices and another sexy cucumber. I will be set for another two days with what I have stocked but I will need to get my hands on a little more money if I have any plans to eat on Friday at all.

Oh yes, more sugar withdrawals today. I had a bad headache at work that the lights were making worse. I was about to say that it was feeling better now but it just started hurting again. That’s what I get for thinking about it. Oddly, despite my withdrawal pains and such I am not craving sugar. Thank goodness.

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