Slowly I start to feel okay with people knowing about my weight loss and my blog. Last night I was talking to one of my top five favorite people ever (Hi Schnookums!!) and I decided it was time to tell her my dirty little secret. I gave her the web address and she is perhaps now reading and rolling her eyes at my blog.

She probably knows me better than anyone else and so probably also knows the tone in which I am thinking my posts. I miss her.

By this point, you may have noticed that I give my friends ridiculous nicknames. No, this isn’t just a “keeping them anonymous on my blog” thing. I really call them stupid names. I like to think of it as endearing, they like to think of it as ridiculously annoying. I have one for all of my best friends and various others (most others don’t know their nicknames… like Goatasaurus, he might be insulted). I also like to give names to my body parts (butt shelf, pooch, pudge, etc). I guess I’m just quirky like that.

It’s strange letting people in. In some ways I keep people at arm’s length and letting them get closer is perhaps part of the healing process for me. Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my head.

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