Last night I was feeling antsy and decided that I needed to actually follow up on the fact that I needed new pants and a new bra. I had already gotten the new underwear and shoes that I needed and my tops still look presentable even if a little loose, but these I REALLY needed.

Now, to be honest, I hate Lane Bryant. I think that they jack up their prices because they know that large women don’t have many choices. When I finally get to a size where I can shop at other stores I will throw a “Kiss my less fat ass Lane Bryant” party. For now, though, they are a necessity and so I will get off my soapbox. I started the evening at Lane Bryant to get some pants. I love that they really cater to people’s different shapes, but then their stock is low it makes it really hard to actually find what you need. I got a pair that almost completely fir the bill but I’m going to need to get them hemmed. They are just too tall for me. I need short sizes.

 I tried this pair and while they were the right length, they didn’t fit quite right. Thanks to the dark color you can’t see so much the funkyness of it but it’s there. It looked really strange in the hoo hoo area.

Here’s the pair I went with:

It’s a shame that this picture came out so much darker but these looked much better, just a little long.
After I bought these pants totally on sale for like $15 (booyah!) I went to Victoria’s Secret to get a new bra. I am so completely and totally in love with their Secret Embrace bra because I am allergic to metal but I want an under wire. This bra has a very hidden under wire but it’s still there and supports well.
Victoria’s Secret, I hate you. You discontinued my favorite bra. I’m definitely going to buy all the ones that I can from the clearance bins this week.
I did find one that worked although had a completely ridiculous pattern on the inside. Despite my love for crazy underwear, I just want a normal bra… but it was not meant to be. I grabbed it and headed for the dressing room.
Padded Cell much? Not sexy unless you have a thing for psych wards.
It’s alright, I still made it out with well supported boobs.
Now, is it just me who hates it when they see guys in Victoria’s Secret? They always seem to have this strange look on their face and either try to avoid eye contact or stare at you and asses, like are you wondering what I’ll look like in that “outfit” on the shelf right there? It’s even worse when they look as awkward as this guy…
Sorry that the pictures were so low quality. They were all taken either in a mirror or on the sly with my cell phone camera. Think NCIS: Los Angeles style. 

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