I’ve had so little time for anything lately that I have several half written posts and a million more I should have written. I’ve been so overwhelmed at work that everything else has been neglected. It’s a really good thing that I don’t have any house plants… or a cat.

Though, I’d really like a cat.

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of where things stand right now in my life.


I’ve definitely gained weigh but I’m not sure how much. I haven’t weighed myself on my own scale in the morning for a while. I can feel that my midsection is a little thicker but not by too much. I need to try and make exercise a priority again.


I’ve been sleeping really well. Despite the fact that I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental fatigue from not having much time away from work and from rushing like crazy at work, I’ve been much more well rested lately than I’ve probably ever been.


Let’s face it; I need a new job before I overdose on Diet Coke and Xanax. I’ve been filling multiple positions since I began working here and the last few months have been frantically crazy. We have half of the admin staff we need and the other person on team admin is still new. It’s not her fault but she can’t accomplish things nearly as quickly as I can. Unfortunately, so much of the responsibility has fallen to me and I’m having to learn other jobs in the process.

It’s very much a trial by fire and I’m starting to feel extremely burned out.

Voice Lessons

My vocal growth over the last few months has been amazing. Unfortunately, my prospects for using that growth are very slimmed down right now because I missed the window for applying at other schools. So, for the moment I’m just working with my private teacher and will revisit schools and auditions next fall.


Work has left me really moody lately (sensing a theme!?!?) and it’s been making me feel so off. I’ve been really upset about small things and frustrated with myself for it. Yet, I’m lucky enough to be with someone who, rather than being annoyed and defensive when I’m being bitchy, asks what I need and what he can do.

From the very beginning, even if I didn’t think it would turn romantic, I thought that we were so lucky to find each other. Through the failed audition trip, I realized that I couldn’t possibly have had anyone better by my side.

This business of building a healthy and fulfilling relationship is definitely challenging when the man you love is your opposite in so many ways, but I’m so glad to be doing it with him. Even more challenging is when work is making you grumpy about everything.


I’ve had to break off a couple of friendships lately because, upon getting to know those people better, I realized that they would not be people that it would be healthy for me to be friends with. It’s really sad when that happens but it’s best for both of us to walk away.

So, there’s my momentary mind dump. I hope that all of you are less stressed than me. Tell me about what’s going on in your life? Any advice for not bringing the grump home?

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