Well, last week was the last week of the challenge. The sugar free week. How did you all do? As I said in my weekly stats post I did fabulously until Saturday and then it was all down hill. You’ll have until tomorrow night at 11:59pm PST to comment here and tell me that you passed. Tell me about it. What did you eat instead of foods with sugar? How did you feel? Tell me all about it! Please post the story here, though, and not a link to your own post about it.

From those who were successful, you’re entered to win a Spa gift card so don’t forget to comment. I’ll let you all know who won on Wednesday.

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Nicky August 30, 2010, 11:43 pm

Thanks for putting together this challenge! It was so much fun. I was actually pretty successful this week. I realized I don't actually eat that much sugar. Definitely a lot less than I used to. It helped that I was out and about a lot this week because I couldn't snack mindlessly on things. I still ate fruit which satisfied a lot of my cravings and maybe snuck in a few animal crackers (organic, limited ingredient ones count as being slightly better, right?). My only trouble was gatorade (no "light" or diet gatorade, the real stuff without HFCS). I'm training for my first marathon in October and I just love gatorade after running. I did cut back and only had it after my really long runs so I consider that a success!

aperfectversionofmyself August 31, 2010, 3:46 pm

I'm going to blog about this tonight, but I thought I'd let you know that I managed to not have anything besides natural sugar (ie: fruits) for seven whole days.

I felt like crap for the first three – I got a headache and was miserable, but it went away.

I had to really plan though – because some of my usual go-to foods were off limits. Thank goodness for Larabars – five ingrediants and no added sugar!