I’ve been neglecting my evening salad ever since about a week ago when I made a salad but just could not bring myself to eat it for a variety of reasons, including the fact that my mushrooms had gone a little to fungusy and my shrimp was slightly questionable. I was also just plain sick. So, as I was falling asleep I just left the bowl of salad next to my bed (that’s how sick I was, I didn’t even get up to put it in the fridge or throw it away) and in the morning was greeted by a really bad smell.

I generally have trouble with certain foods while I am sick. In the past, if I was really sick, all I could stomach was pizza. That fact alone tells me that it is purely a mental thing, not a physical. Pizza is just not soothing on the stomach. Also, after I have a bad experience with a food it generally takes me a while to brave it again because the memory is still ingrained. Today I decided that it was just time to beat that memory and have my third meal salad. I’m out of eggs but besides that everything is perfect. It really is a delicious meal.

I want to get myself a salad bowl. One that is just for my dinner salad. It’s big and needs ample space to mix and all that. I am thinking about getting a bowl just for this very thing. I like to have fun little things like that. I have a cup that is specifically designated for oatmeal, and another that is only for tea, I also have wine glasses. I like these things with specific purposes, it helps to cue me for certain things and takes away some of the thinking that I have to do in general. I have things like this in other parts of life as well. I just bought new running shoes, workout pants, and special breathable socks, I also have sports bras, tank tops that are just for working out, a headband just for the occastion, and even a towel that is now officially my gym towel. I have folders that are for specific things just like I have items that are just for specific things. I just like to function this way. That was probably terribly uninteresting.

Anyway, I walked to work today for a manditory meeting but then left because I am still not quite well. I hope that tomorrow I am back in good shape and that I will be much more useful. I plan to do a real workout tomorrow through Sunday with roughly the same time and speed as I did yesterday. Starting Monday I will reassess and see if I should ramp it up a bit or if I just want to keep going to build a good foundation. I’m still not quite ready for weight training since I don’t want to see any pounds coming back yet.

I’m still a little worried about getting enough calories but I think that a great deal of the problem is me being sick. I just don’t want to eat when I am sick. Right now I have my super awesome delicious salad right in front of me and I just don’t want it. I don’t want to eat anything. When I am fully better I’m sure that my appetite will return, it always does, but in the mean time I am worried about killing my metabolism.

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