Last night I had such great conversations with friends and I’m more stoked than ever to see them all. Fearless Leader reminded me that I should slow down a little on the drive and that the time gained from driving super fast isn’t worth the risk. I’ll try to heed her advice. For the most part.

So, I’ll be on sometime this weekend to update the challenge but besides that I won’t be on until Thursday next week. For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I’ll leave you with posts of some of my favorite bloggers. I was all like, “So, you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?” and they were like, “sure!” Which is why guest posts from now on will be classified under the key phrase “Slumber Party In My Basement.”

While packing last night I totally realized that on this trip I was going to be that girl. Fine. By. Me. I’m packing too much clothing, makeup, headbands and I’ll be proud of it thankyouverymuch. You may have read the comments on it this morning on twitter.

This weekend there will be makeovers (middle school style), champagne, dress shopping, tea outings, hopefully something that will inspire the next Skanky Tuesday post, and much more. Let’s see if I can do this in a remotely healthy way!

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