I’ve been working on this for a loooong time and hopefully the changes will be made by this weekend.
1) New address – I am changing my web address to http://www.kendrathroughthelookingglass.com/
2) New look – This blog looks like it was designed by a really nerdy middle schooler. I’ve had a new design in the works for a long time but this shit is hard to do. Before starting it I’d never done ANY html or css. I will tweak things as I go along but I want to get the general new look done because I want this to look more professional.
3) New blog roll – I’m working on adding links or my faves and taking out the ones I just don’t read anymore. You should definitely check them out when I’m done. Right now there are roughly four in the list so if you see more, you’ll know I’ve changed it. PS… add me to yours! (Shameless, I know…)
4) New progress pics – I’m way behind on these, sorry guys. I’ll get my slightly less fat ass up online soon.

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