And Then It All Worked Out post image

So… funny story. You know how everything was hopeless and awful? About that – it’s not so hopeless and awful now. I’m now a full time student at ASU online and will be finishing my degree by Spring 2018. So, that happened.

How I got here is a really long story, but I’m one quarter in now and, while amazingly exhausted, I’m so happy. Like, I don’t know when I’ve ever been so happy.

I’m in a new job with my company and I’m completely in love with my new team and my new boss. My new role is basically the same as my old one but with a bigger team and an opportunity to work with the project teams as a developer so that, when I do graduate, I’ll be ready to be hired on to the team.

All of this came very suddenly and unexpectedly. I’ve been barely keeping my head above water because I’ve been so busy with it all.

It’s a really strange time period of my life because even the “negative” things have been net positive. I decided on being brave, though, and it’s been paying off.

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