One of the fun, yet challenging, things about keeping a blog is that I have to be much more introspective and articulate about what I am going through as I lose weight. I read many other blogs and am amazed at the insight and transformation of the bloggers over time and wish that I could capture that same clarity of voice and depth in my posts.

I have a whole long list of posts that I would like to write, some funny, some deeper, other just telling a little more about myself and my history. Most of these never get posted because I can’t seem to find the proper words to actually get across what I want to say and I feel that my entries just become a rambling mess (case and point right here). Maybe that’s indicitave of where I am right now in general. My head seems to be going in twenty places at once to try and be productive and get my life back in order.

There are more things than just my weight that I am trying to work on at the moment and I can’t seem to focus well enough on most of these things for any period of time to make any real progress. While blogging has kept me more focused and honest about my weight loss efforts than I would be otherwise, there is no way that I can keep a blog about each and every aspect of my life. I’d be online all day writing about those things with no time to actually do those things. What a boring blog that would make, hmm?

I don’t know what’s causing this mood today. It could be anxiety about several impending things or it could be for no reason at all. In general I just feel unfocused. I don’t have an overarching plan and I want one maybe that will be one of my goals for the week, to make that plan and get myself into structure in every area of my life. I love having a little more structure, why not impose it?

The two points I guess I am actually trying to make in this post are; firstly, I envy those who can articulate better than me; and second, that I have no structure or focus right now in general. Oy Vey.

For those other bloggers out there reading this: How do you focus yourself and sit down to write a post, what’s your process?

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