Let’s be honest, I don’t even know if feebility is a word. It sounds good though.

I did weights last night and Oh. My. Goodness. It. Was. Hard. I felt more weak than I did the first time I had gone back to doing weights. I barely got through the whole thing. I don’t like it. I konly got through it because I was blasting upbeat music the whole time and motivating myself that way. Thank goodness for Ipods.

At least I can say that I did half of the week’s goal by Wednesday, roughly half way through the week. I am most likely taking the evening off because I am feeling really beat but I am also feeling strangely motivated so maybe I will go anyway. Three runs this week would be nice. My usual routine is starting to feel so much easier so maybe I will up it a little in intensity.

I am looking again at trying to find songs that are at a good tempo at which to run. I think that I’ll list the ones that I like here. I want ones to which I can run exactly to the beat.

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