Perception and context are everything.

Two years ago when I started approaching this weight after the accident I was devastated. Now I am ecstatic to see that number on the scale! I so badly wanted to get out of the 290s but I thought it was unrealistic. Here I am, though! I spent so much of today doing similar to what I was doing last Monday, just a little differently.

I kept thinking, “You guys have no idea, I just lost 8 pounds! I’m losing weight y’all. I’ll bet that I’ve lost more weight this week than anyone else in this apartment complex. Just wait a few months, it’s going to be awesome!”

What a dork, right?

That’s alright. I’m fine with being a dork right now. I don’t think it’s completely realistic but I am hoping to see something in the high 270s next Monday. In order to see that, though, I will need to add some exercise to this whole thing. So, new weekly goals:

1) Get Rested – I seem to need roughly nine hours of sleep, I hope that will decrease with my weight but for now it is what it is

2) Get Moving – No rules, no format, no regulations, just do something everyday. Today I did twenty sit-ups.

3) Stick with it! – I’ve purposely decided that I am not going to try to build muscle until I am to my pre-accident, post depression weight of 265. I know that’s a bit of a stupid decision, but I am still new to this whole blubber busting effort and I need the positive reinforcement of the numbers on the scale decreasing. I will also be sooo excited when I get to my pre-accident, pre-depression weight of 235.

I was chubby, sure, but still quite pretty at this weight. I certainly won’t stop there, but it will be a landmark, if you will. I’m not going to set any time limits or goals because I really don’t know how long these things should take for my body, it isn’t accustomed to losing weight.

Besides, I see many bloggers and people in general set time limits or even just calculations that turn out to be such a let down. I am just going to stick to what I need to do and to being healthy and let my body lose weight at its own pace. Under 200 will also be such a trip!

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