I gained this week and I really shouldn’t have. I guess this is the carnage from Saturday night at the opera. I had a few (four) hard drinks over the course of several hours and two cookies and while I knew that I’d be bloated, I thought it would have gone away by now. I guess not. My measurements are very telling, though. I lost an inch from my waist, a half inch from most of the other places on my body, except for my calves, there I gained a half inch. Since I haven’t been doing exercises for my calves, this tells me that I am retaining water. I also know that on Thursday I was down to 276.4, so this was not such a nice thing to see this morning. I’m pretty sure that the weigh-in next week will make up for it.

I really should start posting my measurements chart as well. I am finding that much more impressive and exciting than my weight. Since I started on January 25, I’ve lost five inches from my waist, three inches from my bust and chest, three and a quarter from my hips, an inch and a half from my thighs, and more modest losses from some of the other places that I am tracking. I’m sure that weight training twice this week helped significantly with the inches lost. I also pushed myself a little harder with my running this week. I upped my running speed to 5.5mph. I only did my running intervals once this week because of a late night at the opera, but I walked two miles twice this week so I did make it to the gym a total of five times this week. Not too bad. I’m still working my way up to every day and my exhaustion is not so bad anymore.

For the record, while I’m not sure that I have actually expressed this here, I am perfectly fine with treats and banned items on special nights out. I don’t feel bad or that I had a moment of failure because of the cookies, in fact, I know that allowing celebration splurges like ginger cookies will help me in the long run because this feels sustainable.

So, for the goals for the week:
1) Get to the gym every day – Do Two Weights, Two Runs, Three Days of Whatever
2) Get back on top of planning meals and snacks
3) Should I even bother making a goal to get to sleep earlier? Yes, 3am is my limit

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