Inch by inch I make progress. I’m finding myself a little jealous of other bloggers I read who lost weight so much faster in the beginning than I have. It will be on week 8 that I will hopefully FINALLY get to the 20lbs lost point. Is that normal for my starting point? Doesn’t the first bit normally just roll off for most people? You would think that this would feel less complicated. Yet, only on weigh in days does this feel remotely hard. The rest of the days it’s just become how I go about my daily life. My mother has now joined me on the South Beach Diet and we have started preparing meals together for the week. Last week our focus was mostly on vegetables but this week we did a huge amount of both vegetables and meat. After sampling everything in small quantities I know that it will be a tasty week.

I am looking at what goals I want for the upcoming week and I am thinking that I need to slow down slightly. I am feeling constantly wiped out. I think that three days of working out this week will be good. I only made it to the gym three times this week so I am thinking that it is about right. I completely failed at the getting out of bed by 11 each morning, it isn’t like I thought that would be successful anyhow.

I’m pretty sure that I did get more fiber this week although I didn’t specifically track it. I didn’t really get extra incidental exercise because I was so sore all week but I will make that a priority again this week. I didn’t have fruit with breakfast wither, so overall I got about half of my goals.

Goals for this week:
1) Intense workouts three times this week, light ones two more times (just to walk a bit)
2) More fiber and protein
3) A little less processed foods, I relied a bit too much this week on things that I could grab, I have plenty premade this week and need to rely on those things instead.
4) Sleep before 3am. I’ll try this tactic, making myself go to bed at a certain time not when to get up. I’ll take melatonin at 2:30.

I’ll also try to post more this week.

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