Kansas has gone back to, well, Kansas and I’m starting to recover from the week. My tummy is still a little delicate but I’m starting to feel like my new self again. While I did gain .2 lbs (big deal) I lost some inchage. Not too bad for a week of pointedly not trying. As I predicted, though, I was mad about the weight gain. I’m such a brat.

Exciting news this week: My waist now measures smaller than my boobs. Bring on the cleavage shirts!

This week I will have some goals:
1) Get enough sleep – I actually mean it this time. I am going to start another job and in order to handle them both I will need real rest.

2) Get running again – I won’t have time to do so many times this week but I need to do it at least twice.

3) Friday and Sunday Weights – Weight Training takes so much longer than running so I will delegate it to days that I can be out a little later.

4) Grocery shopping – I haven’t been properly prepared for a while and so I’ve been eating a bit less healthy. Not more calories but less vegetables. That’s bad.

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