I have all these posts on my computer from when I didn’t have access to the internet and yet I haven’t gotten to post a single one. I’m going to have to go through and back date them all… including this one…

It’s nice to see the other side of the 270s and I’m hoping to just plain ditch them as soon as possible. Let’s be honest though, this week I have a friend coming to stay with me fore spring break (who shall now be called Kansas) and I am going to take her to all the best places in Seattle so I am not going to be faithful this week. It will be a week of cheating, eating, frolicking, and fun. Woot!

This week it was nice to see a good chunk gone, though, and despite the fact that I am planning for a small gain when the friend is here I know that I will be mad when I step on the scale and actually see it. I’m such a brat like that.

Overall I’ve been very happy with myself. I haven’t had trouble with temptation or cheating (much). I’ve really only cheated a few times and with very small things.

I’m not even bothering to make goals for this week because I just plain won’t keep them. With Kansas here I will still be good, but not angelic.

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