So, I didn’t lose that .2 I was hoping for but I think it’s mostly because of the earlier weigh in. Give my body some time to adjust and early weigh-ins will look nice too.

I had some amazing shrimp and broccoli today from what was prepared yesterday. It was a really good lunch. I think that I am generally lucky to enjoy the flavor of the cruciferous vegetables. I always have. I sometimes wonder what the science is behind flavors we like and those we don’t. Is it really mostly just psychological association? I’ve learned to like several foods over the past few years that I hated with a passion. I suppose that it’s all somewhat psychological considering that it is the brain that interprets the data from my taste buds and nose. …Now I’m getting into things that I don’t really understand.

So, I guess all that’s left is the goals for the week. I will actually take them seriously this week.

Weekly Goals:
1) Be in bed by 9:30pm
2) Run twice
3) Weights twice
4) Look at new cookbooks at Half Price Books

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