I think that I may have actually lost more than the 2.2lbs that showed up on my scale this morning because I also started my period today. I suppose that next week’s weigh in will tell me. I’m not counting on it, but, honestly, I’m hoping for it. How great would it be if I was under 270 for my 12th week. Oh, the joy of thinking about it.

I’m so enjoying the changes in my body. I’m just feeling more comfortable in my skin, so to speak.My body feels at ease and able. I can curl up more than I’ve been able to for a long time and I don’t have a constant “I’m gonna burst” feeling.

I didn’t actually succeed in my goals for last week. When I was feeling so lousy it was just too hard to get myself to do the things I needed to.

Here were my goals:

1) Be in bed by 9:30pm  – DID IT!
2) Run twice – Once
3) Weights twice – Once
4) Look at new cookbooks at Half Price Books Looked online instead

So, not so good. It’s okay, a new week means a new opportunity. I couldn’t believe that I actually made my bedtime goals. Remembering that I have to be up at 6:00am is apparently quite the motivator. I feel like I need a run today but my day might be a little too packed for it. I just feel like it would feel really good. I’m not going to have time, though.
So, the goals for this week:
1) In bed by 9:30 every weekday again
2) Two Runs
3) Two Weights
4) One Rowing Machine
5) Get a wider variety of vegetables
That sounds good. Here’s to the week!

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