This morning I almost didn’t weigh myself or report my weigh in because my ego is apparently bigger than even my ass. I knew that I had gotten down to 268.4 this week and then between consuming fried stuff, alcohol, and not getting enough sleep I’ve been holding on to weight again. It’s really annoying to me to have that happen on Mondays because it feels like it takes away my official bragging rights for a whole week. Damnit, I want to gloat! I’ll be over it by Wednesday, I’m sure.

Sunday was spent cooking as usual and I have some fabulous food for the week. We tried some new things as well as some of the old favorites. I’m looking forward to a better week than last week.


I had to generally hang the goals for last week… well I guess I didn’t have to but I did. I was having issues that exercise would only make worse and so I opted out. Some of the things I already talked about, like my mini flesh wound and my shoulder, other are just completely uninteresting like my being unrested enough that exercise would just make it worse. So last weeks goals were:

1) Try the elliptical – Nope, did the stair stepper instead
2) Try a bike – Yep, BORING!
3) Do the rower – Yep, that thing is an evil bitch
4) Get into the steam room at least twice to help my shoulder – Once
5) Weights once, without arms and shoulders if my shoulder is still sketchy – Nope
6) Add some new vegetables again – Spaghetti Squash, celery, zucchini, peppers (didn’t like any of it except for the spaghetti squash)
7) Bed time at 9:30 again – If only!
8) Take bus to work three times – Um… not so much

This Week’s goals are the following:
1) Strength Training three times
2) At least one new vegetable again
3) Bed by 9:30 again – this one is SO important
4) Take bus to work at least three times – lets try this one again!
5) Do the steam room twice, it did help

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