This weekend I seem to have gained three pounds. I always feel a little impressed with how much I can gain just from drinking. It was an eventful weekend. Pirate’s Punch, Rumple Mints, Vodka, and Bailey’s are probably not so good for water retention. They are good, though, for pretty much everything else.

I knew before the weekend even started that this was not going to be a good weigh in and I didn’t care. I had a birthday party to go to, a work event with drinks, and friends from out of town visiting. Somehow I managed to make it through hangover free. Booya.

As promised, here are the stories of the flesh wound conclusion and how I simultaneously and unintentionally turned on roughly five guys.

If you object to TMI, this is your official warning. TMI ahead…

I decided to chuck my pride and go to the doctor about the flesh wound on Saturday. I’m not going to lie, it was really embarrassing and I was so freaking glad that both the nurse and that doctor were female.

After describing the flesh wound to the nurse and getting a puzzled look from her when I said that I probably just the had Invader Zim of flesh eating diseases (yep, I did expose myself as a nerd in public), the ordeal with taking my blood pressure (more on this later…), and telling her that, no, other wounds have not had trouble healing (I had a gash on my hand) the doctor came in. She took one look at the flesh wound and said, “Oh, you have a yeast infection of the skin. We can take care of that.”

She explained that you can get one anywhere that is dark, damp, and warm and that while running hadn’t actually caused any damage from impact, the sweat had probably caused the yeast infection. The antibiotics I recently took probably also played a large role in it.

So, to any of you ladies out there who have a pooch and who start exercising, if you get something like this, don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t deadly, and it is easy to get rid of. While it is alarming for a hole to open up in your skin with seemingly no reason, it isn’t actually that big of a deal. I took a pill and will do so again in five days and I have to apply a cream twice a day and the whole thing will be gone by the end of the week.

Back to running by the end of the week…

So… how did this chubby little gal turn on a room full of guys? With my headlights of course.

I had a headlight out in my car and went to get a new one. I guess I wasn’t exactly the usual customer there (a headband with a bow and feathers, manicure, and frilly top… I was on my way out for the night) because they started walking me through exactly what to do. I smiled, bought the light, popped the hood of my car, and got to it.

They all looked at me with wide eyes when I walked back in to ask to borrow a tool with my hands covered in grease. When I was finished with the light and went in to wash my hands with grease cutter one of the guys followed me to the back and was trying to make small talk. I asked him if I had any marks on my face because there was no mirror and he (how cheesy…) said, “No, but you’d wear it well.” Umm… thanks? What is it about a girl who knows car stuff that makes guys really impressed? I don’t know. Every time I’ve had to fix something car related I have this same experience.

Anyway, I’ve got goals to discuss…

I hate to disappoint you all but I didn’t complete a single goal from last week. It became a week of complete exhaustion, frustration, and apathy. This week starts a new campaign at work and a new set of circumstances and frustrations. I’m officially taking Sundays off for a while, though, and that should help me a good deal.

This week’s goals:

1. Get to the gym once during the week and once on the weekend. I know, I know, I keep saying this but with the flesh wound off my mind I won’t be afraid to go again.

2. Water. I bought a new cup that I love and I know just how to use it!

3. Leave work fast, get home fast, and go to sleep fast. The coworker I spend the most time with is switching to a different campaign so it will make it easier to leave earlier. Sadly, four of my favorites left but it’s easier to feel okay flying out of there like a bat out of hell when I don’t have people I really want to talk to (you know who you are if you are reading this…)

4. Get your meals again. This is the one thing that I really made an effort with last week and did a pretty good job but I need to keep being diligent about it.

I’ll see you tomorrow for Skanky Tuesday and I leave you with this question. What are your goals for the week?

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