Close your eyes… imagine a marshmallow doing a happy dance… now give the marshmallow brown hair and rosy cheeks… that’s me today. Oh, also give the marshmallow a little bit of a tan (which I’m really annoyed with, I don’t do tans). I guess you should also make the marshmallow a little dizzy since I have a slight concussion. How, you ask? Well, that’s a fun story.

It’s actually not very interesting. The trunk of my car shut on the back of my neck. I have a ’99 so it was a fully metal and heavy trunk. Ouch.

Yesterday I couldn’t figure out what in the world was wrong with me. I was sooo sleepy, dizzy, had a bad headache, etc. I had forgotten that it had happened in general. It wasn’t until the evening that I was talking to my mother and she reminded me what had happened. Um… wow.

Today I’m still a little loopy. The earth just isn’t sitting quite still, nor was that doorknob I ran into this morning at work. I’m also a bit nauseous. I couldn’t figure it out when I was trying to eat this morning and then once again had that “Duh” moment. Gosh this is fun. At least there are no visible marks on me.

Well on to the weekly goals:

Last Week:
1) Get in the gym three times: Nope, didn’t go.
2) Leave work by 9:15: Sort of, I started riding with a co-worker which may have proved to not be the best idea.
3) Water Water Water: Yes yes yes!
4) No more than one cup of sweetened tea again: Check! I didn’t use any sweetener and made myself remember how much I like Darjeeling Tea with just Half and Half.
5) Make a workout plan: Nope. Honestly, this week was so all about getting used to working 13 hour days again that I didn’t focus at all on working out. I did get a 45 minute up hill walk one night though.

This Week:
1) Bring workout bag back to the gym: This will be step one in getting me back to the gym.
2) Do something in the gym twice: You can handle just twice.
3) Keep monthly goals in mind: I’ve been doing well on those and I want to keep them up.
4) Make a workout plan: I’m pulling this from last week because I think that it’s really important.
5) No checking blogs at night: I generally do this when I’m trying to procrastinate on sleep.

Tomorrow: Celebrating Skanky Tuesday

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