I haven’t moved a decimal point on the scale this week and I’m perfectly fine with that. If you care to look at my new Stats page, though, you will find that I have lost inches this week instead of poundage. I am certainly not complaining.

You will (hopefully) notice that the decor has changed. I hope that you like it. I’m still working on making additions, uploading pictures, adding links, and adding widgets to the sidebar.

I’m also long overdue on progress pictures, sorry. This weekend I promise I’ll get them up. Life’s been just a little bit crazy. I’ve been a little bit crazy for that matter. I think I’m having a little TOM induced psychosis. On Friday night I went a little off my rocker and went slightly manic shopping and then went to the gym and ran despite the Marie Antoinette Incident injuries. I don’t think I did any more harm but I wasn’t supposed to run. I also did some time on the stair stepper and… umm ouch. I hate that sucker but my butt loves it. My butt wins every time. I think that I should be okay to start working out again in a few days. I was thoroughly chastized on Saturday and told to stay off the treadmill for a little longer but by the end of this week I’ll be back.

So about the goals…

Last week:
1) Bring workout bag back to the gym: It went and then came home with me. It should have stayed.
2) Do something in the gym twice: Once but I shouldn’t have
3) Keep monthly goals in mind: Check
4) Make a workout plan: umm…
5) No checking blogs at night: Shit…

This Week:
1. Twice to the gym at the end of the week: I don’t care what I do
2. Make a workout plan: Seriously, do it.
3. Eat more: I’ve been struggling with eating enough. I need that fuel.
4. Bring resistence band to work: Multitasking… pure gold
5. Take the stairs at day job: I’m obsessively opposed to taking stairs and walking up hills and yet I use the stair stepper.

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