I hate to think that my weight standstill and fluctuations are disappointing my readers but they aren’t disappointing me. I’m happy just to be generally maintaining things and that I haven’t lost sight of the goal. My habits are carrying me through even if I can’t seem to keep dropping weight and decreasing my measurements. It’s okay with me that I’m taking things slower right now because my schedule is hard and my expectations must be reasonable. Come August I will start kicking my own ass again but for now I do what I can.

On Friday I decided to celebrate “F*ck It Friday” and have some pizza and then in the evening have the last of my birthday goodies with a soda. Yum. The problem, though, with “F*ck It Friday” is that it turns into “Lazy Saturday” and “Tipsy Sunday” and finally into “Bloated Monday.” Not so good for the weigh in. I’m not upset about it, I’m pretty much maintaining with a few ounces lost each week. This week the poundage registers as higher on the scale but that’s because I drank yesterday evening and I don’t normally drink on Sunday nights.

Now that I’m over my grumpy week I am actually feeling motivation again. Last week was completely half assed and I just couldn’t muster up the energy to care in the least what my body looked or felt like and if I was making progress or not.

On Thursday I learned that my nap is not essential to making it through the day. Instead of taking a nap I went to the Farmers Market and the change in pace was just as good for re-waking me up for the evening job. In light of that, I am willing to give up my beloved nap to try exercising during my break instead. We’ll see how this goes.

I guess that brings me to last week’s and this week’s goals

Last Week:
1. Think about what is actually realistic for the next six weeks: I just didn’t have the mental space for this. It was too much of an angry week.

2. Take stairs: 90%

3. Sleep: I did really well with getting myself into bed but I couldn’t fall asleep easily most of the week. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I started drinking diet coke again. Bad.

4. Don’t be so hard on myself: No, I spent this week being hard on every one else. It wasn’t in an outward and apparent way but I was not myself this week.

This Week:
1. 10 minute workouts in the morning and evening 3 days this week

2. Run at the gym during my break 3 times this week

3. Sleep: This one is sticking around until the end of the current campaign at evening job.

4. I can have up to two Diet Cokes this week. I don’t want to disallow them completely but I need limits.

5. Get new walking shoes: I love shoes that are not the best for walking in. Due to this I pinched a nerve in my foot and have to wear tennis shoes for a while. Major Suck. So, I’ve got to get some nice ones.

What are your goals for the week?

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