The weight gain this week is fake. By fake I mean bloating induced (of course!). I weighed myself on Saturday morning and saw a lovely 261lbs. That’s 35lbs lost thank you very much. I’m tired of hovering around this place, though, and I’m back to kicking my own ass. Although I will not be claiming any of the prizes I will be participating in my own challenge.

This weekend was my niece’s first birthday and there was a little too much consumption of cake and candy there. It was exciting, though, so see family I haven’t seen in a while and have them tell me how amazing I look and ask me how much weight I’ve lost. Awesome.

I can’t remember if I’ve already posted this but I’m done with the 13 hour days for a few months! Hello standard work week. That’s why I’m essentially starting over. I’m going back to a more restrictive form of my eating habits temporarily so that I can re-eliminate sugar cravings. I’m also going to get back in the gym.

I’ll get the new measurement charts up soon; it’s been a crazy few weeks.


Last Week:
1. Plan meals ahead of time: Did it, didn’t necessarily abide by it but mostly did
2. Exercise between jobs twice: Once and then a weekend workout. Lets call this a success
3. Rest: I think I did pretty well with this until the weekend. Not so much then.

This Week:
1. No sugar: self explanatory
2. Take fitness classes: This is how I’m going to fulfill my challenge this week. I never really liked doing classes but I want to give them another shot.
3. Get to bed early: I still get caught up doing things before bed and stay up too late so I’ll be proactive about this.
4. No Snacking: Yeah, I have snacks and that’s fine but I don’t want to do any mindless snacking.

So, this may be a day late but what are your goals for the week? How did you do on your goals last week? Are you taking part in the Change It Up Challenge?

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