Hey, wait… it’s Tuesday? As in the second day of the work week? As in I pretty much slept through Monday? Okay, I’m down.

I didn’t remember that yesterday was Monday and post like I should have but I did weigh-in with mucho disappointing results. Today I’m going to do a pseudo combination of Monday and Tuesday posts because it feels too much like Monday for celebrating Skanky Tuesday but I have some body thoughts today.

I paid no attention to goals from last week so there’s very little point in going over them. If I passed it’s only from luck. I tried this week to start over and get back on track but I ended up more off track than I’ve been this whole time.

This weekend I had to step back and ask myself: What happened? What’s different?

I read an amazing post from Eat Move Write about how her “Good Enough” weight isn’t good enough anymore. Then I looked back at my archives and what I wrote and thought when I first started. After shaking my head at some of the posts I realized what had changed. When I first started my goals were all fitness and health related. True, I was tracking the little changes in my body but that was just for fun and encouragement, not because I thought I was going to become hot overnight.

Over the past few months, vanity has started to creep back into my consciousness. While before I was resigned to the fact that I would not be looking good for a long time, now, suddenly, how I look has outweighed any other factor. That problem is (at the risk of sounding egotistical) that even at 260-something I still look pretty damn good. Sorry I’m not sorry.

What isn’t good at 260-something, though, is my fitness level, my health in general, my ability to fit into small spaces, and so many other things. I have to switch my focus from hotness back to my fitness, away from how my ass looks and back to what my ass can do.

I had lost my spark for this whole thing because I was focusing on the wrong issues. So, back to basics I suppose. I have to go back to thinking about how much I ear, drink, exercise, and if I’m getting the proper nutrients. While I’m certainly vain enough to use my appearance as motivation, I’m also narcissistic enough to thinks I’m attractive as I am now.

So here’s the new plan and goals for this week.

The Plan

Focus on Fitness Goals: I mean, focus on fitness goals not as a means to an end but as an end. Like, how long until I can actually run a freaking mile or two… or 26.2? Am I flexible enough or strong enough to do…? These are the things I want to focus on and not “is running or whatever going to make me look and feel…?

Fuel for Fitness: If I have aspirations of race running and other feats of fitness I’ll need to properly feed myself. This means minimizing sugar and maximizing vegetables and protein.

Measure Myself Monthly: I’ve been doing it weekly and it’s just dumb to do that now. It made sense at first when I was losing consistently but now it’s just a chore that is discouraging. I will keep weighing weekly, though.

So, there’s the general template but here are this week’s specific goals.


Do Weight Training Once: I’m going to a class for this one because I can’t seem to do it on my own.

Run Twice: I’m going to work hard to increase my running abilities but this week I’m going to get myself back into the swing of things. I’m going to try walking at 3.3mph as the happy medium between 3.0 and 3.5 even if it annoys the hell out of me.

Proper Meals: Six mini meals of about 300 calories evenly spaced throughout the day. This is how I feel best. Lean meat and vegetables.

There you have it, the getting back to it plan with goals. What are your goals? How do you get yourself back in gear when you’ve been doing not so good?

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