Saturday morning it was 231lbs but that was before I gained 4lbs again in Vodka, Champagne, Irish Cream, a Mike’s Hard Cherry Lemonade, and Gin. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have never been drunk in my life until Saturday night. Tipsy, yes. I like tipsy. Drunk, no and never again. It was my fashionable sister’s engagement party and I was fine until I let my future sister in law start pouring drinks for me. It was a rough night but I was able to avoid hangover hell by drinking lots and lots of water. My mother wasn’t so lucky…

Goals Update:
Last Week
1. Get to the gym once during the week and once on the weekend: Fail
2. Water: Check! This totally saved my drunk ass… well, head… after Saturday. I was vigilant all week, though, and drank tons of aqua.

3. Leave work fast, get home fast, and go to sleep fast: Yep, I did it. I might be able to get better at the actually going to sleep fast but I was good with the rest.

4. Get your meals again: Yay for eating! Thanks to my new smoothie addiction I am getting enough to eat throughout the day. It seems that what I really needed was something that made me want to eat. I felt way better too. This is an addiction that I 100% approve of.

This Week:
1. Screw the goals, it’s your birthday this week and you aren’t going to lose any weight.

2. Okay, maybe keeping up with water is a good goal for the week.

3. And taking the stairs… but not up at job two, six flights is a little ridiculous.

June seems to be a drinking month for me but I’ll tone it down again soon.

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