I apologize that the charts haven’t been updated for a few weeks. I haven’t had an internet connection at home where I make them so I couldn’t upload them or email them to myself. I might borrow a jump drive to do this if I don’t get my internet up again.

I was pretty darn surprised that I actually lost weight this week. The lowest that Frank told me this weekend was 261.6lbs but I always show a few pounds higher on Monday because I rarely get enough sleep on Sunday night. I had budgeted for weight gain and I had expected it. Birthday week was full of cake, treats, dinners out, champagne, lobster and other things that usually make me gain lots of weight.

I was going to go to bed early this Sunday but I was surprised Sunday evening with lobster, clams, and corn for dinner accompanied my cake and presents. I do love presents. My mom bought me a new camera so we played with the camera and took photos of us with the cooked whole lobsters.

For those of you who read my tweet this weekend about considering going vegetarian, no, I haven’t changed my mind or decided against it but I also didn’t plan the dinner. I don’t know yet where I’m going to end up with going vegetarian or not, I have a huge amount of research to do on it first. I’d love anyone’s input on either choice unless it’s about the suffering of animals in the killing process. I read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, no more of that is needed.

What I want to know, though, is what does the research really tell us? Is being a vegetarian or vegan really a better lifestyle? I’ve been working my way to a whole foods lifestyle and I whole heartedly believe that it is much better. I’m happy with it for the moment but if another way of eating is objectively better, I want to look into it.

Let’s Talk Goals!

Last Week:
1. Screw the goals, it’s your birthday this week and you aren’t going to lose any weight. – Umm… I failed at failing. Well, I guess that’s a good thing.

2. Okay, maybe keeping up with water is a good goal for the week. – Check, aqua mission accomplished.

3. And taking the stairs… but not up at job two, six flights is a little ridiculous. – I’d give myself half credit for this one which, incidentally, is still failing. I did it when I remembered but it’s isn’t a habit yet and I totally go into autopilot when I’m in a hurry. I forgot to think about it like half the time this week. Maybe I’ll try this one again.

This Week:
1. Think about what is actually realistic for the next six weeks: I have six weeks of this schedule left and then a break for a while. Getting free mental space is one of the most difficult tasks for me at this point but I need to assess what is actually realistic and what is idealistic fantasy. This is not an excuse but I do not have time to go to the gym. It’s not going to happen; I barely have enough time to get enough sleep. I think that if I set realistic expectations for myself I might actually feel less bitter and annoyed with my schedule.

2. Take stairs: Okay, if I’m honest with myself I can acknowledge that I cannot make it for a full workout but I can take the stairs. I’m not going to make myself do it for evening job because as I said last week it’s six flights. Down yes, at day job yes. I need a reminder device.

3. Sleep: I need to make sleep a priority again. I’m not giving myself a bedtime but I’m making this an emphasis for this week.

4. Don’t be so hard on myself: I’ve been really frustrated with my lack of energy and inability to lose as much weight as I did before I started this schedule and I need to be easier on myself.

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