Until Saturday I didn’t think I was going to lose anything this week. Because of lack of sleep the scale had been holding steady at 265.8lbs. I was feeling a little angry with Frank until I remembered that he was just the messenger. So, we’re back on good terms.

I finally got around to taking progress pictures. They didn’t come out quite how I expected. Strange how the weight doesn’t come off how you think it will. When I started I thought I had a pretty good idea of where I would lose weight first and what the whole thing would look like. Nope.

I have a whole bunch of images to share today. Most of these were ones that I was really ashamed of at the time but since I didn’t get the progress pictures started at my actual start weight, they’ll have to do. The one thing that I notice in them so strongly is that I just kind of look ugly. By ugly I mean unhealthy ugly, not bad features ugly. It’s really sad. My hair just went a little dead and my coloring and skin were dull. Now when I see pictures of myself it doesn’t feel nearly so bad even if I am only a little smaller. That, I’d say, is progress.

One thing that I have been noticing in pictures of me lately, though, is that one side of my mouth sags way further than the other side. Is that just because one side of my face is losing weight a little faster? Here’s me today:
I didn’t mean to be frowning here but you can clearly see that it is more of a frown on one side than on the other. I guess I’ll just keep watching that.
On to goals:

Last Week:
1. Twice to the gym at the end of the week: Nope, I’ve kind of lost steam here with the long hours
2. Make a workout plan: Again, nope
3. Eat more: Sort of… I really tried but I still had some bad days
4. Bring resistence band to work: I totally forgot
5. Take the stairs at day job: Again, I totally forgot

As you can see, last week was like a study in failure…

This week:
1. Get to gym once this weekend
2. Bring resistence band to work
3. Get home and to sleep earlier
4. Eat meals

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