I have no idea how that happened. I did pretty much everything possible to avoid any weight loss this week. That wasn’t my intention, I wasn’t hoping for a gain, but I expected one. It all started with a glorious “F*ck It Friday” which intentionally turned into a “So What Saturday” and a “Suck It Sunday.” I thought that was going to make for a “Miserable Monday” (enough alliteration…) but I was wrong. I am a little bloated but my weight was down again. Good.

I know that the general wisdom is that you need to push through stress and whatnot and workout anyway and that you’ll feel better but I did the complete opposite of that this weekend and now I feel great. I guess that there comes a point where you’re pushing yourself so hard in one way that you really just need to let go for a little while so that you can maintain it.

This weekend I watch TV and then watched some more. I’m not really a TV person, I’d rather read a book, but after last weekend when I went to see a movie and experienced tow hours of mindless entertainment, it was pretty clear that I needed something like that. So, I let my mind rest and I sat and watched.

It was exactly the sort of lifestyle we bloggers are working to avoid but I needed it. I’m not very good at resting. If I have free time I feel like I ought to be using it for something and I feel guilty if I don’t.

I was thinking about this fact this weekend when I realized how wrong I am about myself sometimes. I’ve always viewed myself as fundamentally lazy but who the hell works 70 hours a week, keeps a blog, loses weight, and participates in local opera events if they are lazy. Apparently that little gem of identity is false.

It’s strange (and sad) how such things become a part of who we are and how being told something about yourself can cause it to become true. I wouldn’t have called myself lazy, and never did until a particular person entered my household in middle school who treated me like I was the poorest specimen of a human being to walk the earth. That a post for another day.

Let’s just talk goals (I need a cute icon for this…)

Last Week:
1. No Diet Coke – Perfect until F*ck It Friday… then there was a bit of a flying leap off the proverbial wagon… oops… There was also non-diet soda… among other things…
2. Two workouts – Does pacing and fuming count?
3. More raw vegetables – I don’t even remember
4. Relaxation Exercises – I did this like once but kept dozing off
5. Tune out – Yes! This one I did!

This Week:
1. Give myself a break: I think that I need this more than anything else. No expectation, no pressure.
2. Enjoy what I eat but eat well: This means eating for fuel but trying to take the time to enjoy it. If I’m not feeling it, I’m not eating it. Shouldn’t this be a permanent policy?
3. Don’t snack: This has been one of those things that’s snuck back in my routine. I’m not generally a snacker, though, unless I’m feeling particularly emotional.

What are your goals for the week? How did you do with last week’s goals?

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