Do you guys like the feet on the scale picture? I’ve considered doing this because I once thought it was cute but then I wondered, does anyone actually want to see my feet? I mean, I always have a pedicure and, I’m not gonna lie, my toes are pretty adorable.

I guess I’ll probably just stick with reporting in words rather than photos unless I get an overwhelming response saying that you absolutely want to see the little piggies on a weekly basis. They might come out anyway when I hit certain milestones. Maybe not.

I’ve been noticing my feel a lot more lately. It started when I was looking for proper winter shoes. Now, Seattle winter shoes are different from most of the country. I don’t need them to provide warmth, only waterproof and a little height. When trying on shoes I noticed that my feet continue to decrease in chub. Awesome!

I did a bunch of cooking for the upcoming week on Saturday and I have some lovely recipes to share. Stay tuned this week (after Skanky Tuesday) for some of those.

On to the goals:

The Plan

Focus on Fitness Goals: I kept this focus and am still looking into new exercises and making strides in this area.

Fuel for Fitness: I ate fabulously this week.

Measure Myself Monthly: I’m still resisting but I want to.

Last Week’s Goals

Monday Workout: Nope and looking back over my successful exercise weeks, I never workout on Monday. I never really have the energy. By Tuesday I’ve adjusted enough to do so.

Get to the gym three times: I worked out three times but only went to the gym twice.

Two Vegetables with every meal: Yes again.

Eat Breakfast at home: Not a single time. I did this morning, though.

This Week’s Goals

Gym it three times: The goal for this week should really be four times but I tend to get overwhelmed if I make the number too high. I’m going to aim for four times but goal at three.

Track my food this week: I track in Nutrition Data and I’m looking much less for how many calories I’m taking in than my nutrient intake. I’ve been anemic for quite some time again and I also recognize the symptoms of not getting quite enough of other nutrients so I want to see what I’m really getting.

Eat breakfast at home: I’m just going to try this one again since I failed so miserably at it last week.

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