I’ve got this fuzzy head thing going on. Um, not literally fuzzy… like mentally fuzzy. I guess that’s not a promising way to start a post.

Last night I realized that I left my cell phone somewhere… I didn’t know where. This was bad, very bad. I mean, my cell phone is my alarm clock but even more importantly I had given my number to a very cute boy on Friday night and I do NOT want to miss his call. I’m officially obsessing, butterflies and all.

Totally twitterpated.

After the initial shock of realizing I had gone all day without my cell phone, I set my computer alarm clock and went to bed. Oh, and I forgot to shut my window.

I woke up this morning with my throat swollen and my head fuzzy. This does not bode well. I’m going to buy some ginger root tonight so that I can make “ginger tea.” I recommend this little concoction to anyone with a sore throat or any other type of ailment resulting from inflammation or swelling. The “recipe” is simple, almost too simple to justify explaining here but I will because of how much I recommend it.

Basically, you’ll take a little piece of ginger root (or a large piece, depending on how strong you want it). Slice it up a bit. Stick it in hot water. Wait a few minutes and enjoy. I just let it float around in the cup because I’m lazy enough to not want to do anything fancy but if you wanted to you could buy those empty tea bags or a tea strainer, grate up the ginger and steep it the way you would with regular tea.

The first time I did this, I actually just stuck the whole clump of ginger in the cup, without cutting it, and poured boiled water over it. I like strong flavors. Whatever fits your fancy works here.

I love doing this because ginger is strongly anti-inflammatory and helps with sore throats, upset stomachs, and boosting immunity. It’s not only what I use as my go to when I’m sick but what I give others as well. Try it.

How’s that for a half assed recipe?

Let’s talk about the goals

Last Week’s Goals

Gym it three times: So, I did what can easily be considered workouts three times this week but only one of them was actually in a gym. Location doesn’t matter, I only phrased it this way because I was trying to sound hip. I passed this one.

Track my food this week: I did this for part of the week but didn’t finish for the whole week. I stopped on Wednesday because I say that I was easily going to get all of the vitamins and minerals I needed for the day and that tracking wasn’t necessary. On Thursday it was the same thing, and then Friday I just plain forgot. Whoops.

Eat breakfast at home: This requires me getting out of bed earlier which I guess needs to be a goal on its own. I sort of did this one.

This Week’s Goals

Again with the three workouts: I’m trying to implement a schedule and habit of working out on certain days. So far this isn’t working but I’ll keep trying. Sugar Muffin, I think I might need more wake up calls.

Show myself the respect I deserve: I promise that I’ll elaborate on this later this week but I had an epiphany this weekend about treating myself with respect. I need a chance to actually organize my thoughts, though, so I’m not just whipping this one out in a little blurb.

Reorganize my brain: Does that sound ridiculous? It probably does, but that’s okay. I want to get things in order because I’m finding that I’m just passing the time and that feels like a waste of life.

By the way, I totally recommend checking out Hollaback Health today for Rachel’s response to the Marie Claire article. It’s creating quite the buzz and I really liked Rachel’s take on it.

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