I’ve been worried about gaining weight again because I haven’t been eating enough. Worrying has been keeping me from eating enough. Oh, the cycle…
On Thursday I decided to take an impromptu vacation to Los Angeles to see one of my best friends and frolic for Halloween weekend. By going away and eating “celebration” food instead of “everyday” food I knew that I was going to be holding water weight this morning. I was indeed. My hydration level was the highest I’ve ever seen it on a Monday weigh in. Seeing a gain, though, took the fear of the gain away so that part of my reason for not eating enough has been alleviated. So, yes, I am glad for the gain.
Sometimes the thing you fear is exactly what you need.
I spent this weekend realizing just how lucky I am. I think that we often spend too much time dwelling on the negatives and stressors in our lives and forget to look at all that is freaking amazing. This weekend was freaking amazing.
I was able to find a last minute fare for dirt cheap, take a last minute day off work, and see one of my best friends. We spent two days talking about boys, cracking dirty jokes, drinking obscene amounts of tea, hiking in shoes that shouldn’t ever touch the wilderness, lazing about discussing boobs and body image, laughing, and laughing, and laughing.
On Sunday I had a late lunch with Bess from I Dream Of Greenie, one of my favorite blog friends and was reminded that I am, in fact, a blogger and that I ought to get back online at some point.
I came home exhausted, sporting blistered feet, without a tan, but smiling. I’m ready to take things on again. I’m ready to fuel my body and get moving. It’s time to start again with healthy habits and fat loss, not just weight loss. I’m also ready to see a certain boy again. He makes me smile.
Let’s talk Goals:
Never mind last week, it was a bust whatever my goals were.
This Week’s Goals
Go Grocery Shopping: It’s been a few weeks since I did a proper grocery store run. I’m going to get restocked and make things easier on myself.
Start Training: I want to run a 5K with a few friends, including some from online, in January so I need to get started on a training schedule.
After Work Smoothies: This doubles as a way to blackmail myself into going to the gym and makes sure that I eat after work. I never want to but I love smoothies.
Get Organized Again: Everything has felt up in the air even though it isn’t. It’s only because I’ve been grossly unorganized.
So, what are your goals for the week? Have you ever experienced that what you fear turns out to be what you needed most?

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