So, this weekend a boy told me that he loves me.

Oh yes, it’s true… and he was sober.

No, not The Boy, I wouldn’t have believed him if he did say it. In fact, I would have laughed at him and said that he was probably just trying to get some.

A boy, who I call Big Nose because I don’t know or care what his name is, told me that he loves me. My response? No you don’t! And then I flopped over on a table because I’d had too much vodka and too little to eat. Whoops.

This boy has been annoying me for the past several weeks and seems to think that we have some sort of connection. We don’t. He’s annoying, grabby, and tries to make out with me when I’m tipsy. The only connection I want to have with him is the back of my hand hitting his face.

I swear this is totally relevant to the blog because his bad behavior combined with my response resulted in me being escorted out of the club, next day grumpiness accompanied by a bruise on my forehead from the flopping on the table, the decision to go back the next night to try to redeem my weekend, my PMS “OMG I’m going to cry in public for no apparent reason” the next night, me fleeing before said tears could materialize, and the weekend long hangover that resulted in me changing my recipe for Project Tasteless.

See, it all connects. I didn’t just tell you about it because I wanted to complain about the Big Nosed douche that has been plaguing my Friday nights and ruining my favorite activity. Okay, maybe that is why I’m telling you about it…

And maybe I’m also double bummed this week because the person I usually hang out with took a month long vacation to Asia. I mean really…

Oh, and my Friday night plans were originally ruined because The Boy has Chicken Pox. Ain’t that some shit… That’s right; The Boy is now The Polka Dot Boy. I love polka dots and all but… never mind; I should stop before I say something tactless. He’s the one suffering, I’ll have to fight my natural inclinations and be nice.

Actually, this does all relate to the weight loss stuff that I’m supposed to be talking about because I’ve never had so many guys interested in me before. There are three of them; the one I want to backhand, another one who likes me a lot but whom I’m not really interested in, and then the one known as The Boy and you all know that I am, in fact, quite interested in him.

Learning to adapt to the way that people act toward you is one of those tricky weight loss issues that people warn you about but you can’t really prepare for. The kinds of things I thought I was prepared for aren’t even relevant to the actual experience.

In addition to having no idea how people’s actions toward me would change, I had NO IDEA about how my reactions would change as well. My expectations for how I ought to be treated have changed as well. Last year I would have been perfectly happy for this big nosed dipshit to be showing interest in me. I would have been flattered at the attention. I also would have felt aching guilt over how inappropriate I would have thought the whole thing was.

It’s a strange mixture of weight loss and growing up that seems to be changing everything.

Anyway, let’s talk about my goals for the week. I failed miserably this week so we’ll just bypass a recap of each.

This Week’s Goals

Get Running Again: I’m going to try morning runs. Gasp. Sugar Muffin will get getting a few texts from me asking for wake up calls. She’s going to love me significantly less than she does now. This week I’m going for two runs.

Strength Training: Once. I never want to do this in the morning so I won’t even try to pretend that it’ll happen. I only have to do it once, though, so I should be able to get my ass in the gym. I mean, I really should be working on more Coregasms.

Eat!: I’m still struggling to get myself to eat. I think that I need to set myself back up on the routine I always followed to ensure that I was getting enough to eat.

So, what are your goals for this week? If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, how has that changed your interactions with love/lust interests?

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