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This morning I dreaded the idea of stepping on the scale. I’m still a little swollen and to combat some of the nasty symptoms of all the medication I’ve been taking, I’ve been drinking a LOT of soda. I was drinking it for the sugar but I knew that it would have a negative impact on my weight. I was a little surprised to find that I’ve gone down over five pounds.

This week, sans soda, I expect that I’ll be doing close to the same for weight loss. I won’t be totally cutting out the soda yet because I’m not done with the medication but I will definitely be cutting down on it. I finish the medication on Saturday so after that I’ll be cutting myself off again.

Oh, and the rum might have had something to do with the weight retention. It was a lot of rum. And vodka. And peach schnapps. And whiskey.

Maybe not the right combination.

I still didn’t get a hangover.

That’s because the drinking gods love me.

Oh, right, this is supposed to be about healthy stuff. Well, I did work out last night for the first time since the IUD misfortune. It might have been a little too soon because immediately afterward I got the cramp back. It was much lighter than it was before but the little bitch was definitely present.

This whole “taking it easy” is definitely a mission failure.

I did strength training exercises because I thought it would be less jarring than running but it still might have been too soon. It felt too good for me to feel bad about it though.

I woke up in the middle of the night aching from head to toe, not because of it being too soon for a workout but because it had been SO long since I did any strength training. I was happy to find, though, that my ability to do the exercises was not very negatively affected by my hiatus.

Anyway, let’s do something we haven’t done for quite some time, let’s talk goals!

This week my goal was just to run once.

Um, does thirty seconds of running down the street in downtown Seattle at 3:00am because I’m so freaking giddy count? I mean, I had just made it clear to a guy that I liked him and he promised to hang out next weekend. (BTW, stay tuned tomorrow for my “I just dumped a douchebag/cautionary tale/if he humiliates you, it’s fucking over” that preceded this flirting.)

No, the thirty seconds of giddy running does not count.

Am I the only one who just feels the need to start running when they’re bursting with giddy glee? For real, I can’t help it.


This Week’s Goals

1. Run twice toward the end of the week – Yeah, I’m supposed to be taking it easy which is why I’ll plan to do it toward the end of the week but I really want to get myself back in the routine of exercising and healthy habits.

2. Focus on whole foods – I was doing this last week too and felt so much better for it. I really think that whole foods are the key to healthy living.

3. Cook – I hate cooking at home. I love cooking but I hate doing it at home. You see, I have this step-mother who has the glare of a watered down gremlin and it just gets a little uncomfortable when she decides that she doesn’t like how I’m cutting my broccoli. Alas, I am terrible about eating dinner, though, and cooking at home is the best way to make sure that happens.

Ah yes, that old routine felt good. So, what are your goals for this week?

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