What a shame. Over the last three weeks of getting my ass kicked by strep, snow, and then holiday festivities, I’ve gained 1.2lbs. My entire world might crumble. I’m really mourning this weight gain because it makes me a complete and utter weight loss failure.

Oh wait, I couldn’t care less. My hydration level was so high this morning that I’m pretty sure a few of these pounds are imaginary. It they’re not, so what? I didn’t make a “holiday plan” because I believe that we ought to allow ourselves to enjoy certain things without worrying about the poundage consequences. Isn’t learning how to enjoy food and not overdo it what healthy living is about?

On Sunday I was wandering around Barnes and Noble (which of course is also known as heaven) and I suddenly had such a fierce need to stop waiting to pursue all the things I gave up three years ago. I want it back and I want it now. I was craving Schumann lieder and nothing else would do at the moment.

As I was thinking my way through the music, I wondered if others craved music like I do. Sometimes I have such an intense need to hear or sing a song, that it’s like a craving for food when you haven’t eaten all day or a craving for sex when you waited 23 ½ years (minus 25 days) to do it and have been waiting to see that boy again and then he gets sick (why do boys I like keep getting sick?!?!?!)

As I satisfied one of those needs by listening to and then quietly singing Die Lotosblüme, it occurred to me that I’m past the point of being content to live for my weight loss. I’ve hit that point where my weight loss needs to facilitate a better life. It made me think of a quote I read once from Socrates, “Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live.”

While I believe in enjoying the pleasure of food, this pretty much sums up my philosophy on food. How it plays out in people’s lives will look different but altogether I think it’s a good concept.

My sudden desire to focus on other things won’t hurt my weight loss. Probably it will have the contrary effect. The fact that I have other reasons to want to lose the weight will only increase my motivation and drive. So, for the first time in WEEKS (!) let’s talk goals.

This Week’s Goals

1. Run every other day: I’m behind on my training schedule but I’m not quitting.

2. Strength Training once: Gotta restart somewhere

3. Make a meal plan for the week: I’ll sit down and do this tonight

4. Get rested again: I haven’t had enough sleep for the last few weeks and it’s been killing me.

So, what are your goals? When in your journey did you start to feel the “there’s more to life than weight loss” moment?

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