How completely unexpected and awesome. I thought I was going to gain weight this week. I mean, the weight of the mucus stuck in my head alone should have accounted for a 46lb gain this week alone, right? Well, maybe I’m exaggerating.

I’m now at the lowest weight I’ve been since I started this whole weight loss shebang and I feel moderately to extremely bitchin about it. Actually, I feel stuffy and a little snotty but I’m sure that when the Sinus Infection symptoms go away, I’ll be much happier and fully realize the weight (pun intended) of being back on track.

Do you know what you really really really really should not do when you’re sick and have lost all semblance of impulse control? Go to the grocery store. I mean, I had good reason to go, I needed medication, but I probably should have asked my mom to go for me. Why?

I came home with all the medicine I needed (good), Coconut Water (also good), cottage cheese for breakfast (still fine, though I shouldn’t eat it while I’m fighting mucus build up), an apple that I couldn’t resist nabbing (fine still), tissues, chicken strips (I always crave them when I’m sick), two containers of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (because I couldn’t decide on one flavor and decided that I had to open them both and sniff them when I got home to make the decision), a bottle of wine, chipotle ranch dressing (I have no idea why), chocolate milk (remember, I don’t like chocolate), Turkey Kielbasa, and pork sausage (that I left with my mom).

I had to be physically ripped away from the Brussels sprouts, cake mix (and frosting), cookie mixes (I loudly declared that I HAD to make cookies when we got home), coffee (I don’t drink it), stemware, and magazines. My mom seemed torn between shaking her head at me in annoyance and laughter over the fact that I really couldn’t stop myself.

She drew the line when I declared that I absolutely needed almond champagne.

I also discovered that QFC stocks the tissues kitty corner to the ice cream. I don’t think that this is a coincidence.

Of course, when I got home I realized that I wanted almost none of what I bought.

Luckily this impulse-fail put me back less than most of my impulse buys on, so all is well in the world of my budget.

It’s just a good thing I didn’t walk into J Crew. I’d be flat broke. I also still think that I needed the almond champagne. Have you ever had that? It’s just beyond amazing, especially when you serve it with a sliver of a strawberry to add extra sexiness.


Let’s talk about goals!


Okay, maybe not…

Last Week’s Goals

1. Turn in the rest of the apartment paperwork – Check! Woot! I’m just waiting to hear back now and decide on a move in date. OMG ICAN’TBELIEVETHATI’MACTUALLYDOINGTHIS!!!!

2. Cut down more on sugar – Um… I’ll give myself a half pass on this one. I did for most of the week but other days I felt really reliant on having a soda. This process is going to take a lot of work again.
3. Exercise Twice – I think that I can claim once for this.
4. Emotional Honesty – Yes and it was really hard. I have one relationship in my life right now that is really hard because I haven’t been honest about how I really feel, either to myself or to this person. It’s taking a lot of work to backtrack, clarify, and undo months of fronting. I have do so first in my own mind before I can even come close to actually talking to this person.

This Week’s Goals

1. Try the core fusion DVDs I purchased – I got a set of three of the DVDs and one stand alone. I’ll leave the details to be discussed later but I just want to try them out this week.

2. Lay off the processed stuff – I never feel well when I eat lots of processed things and yet when I get sick, it’s all I want. Ridiculous much? I think so. Even if I’m not quite ready to give up the soda yet, this will help me feel much better.

3. Go buy some goggles – I’m not saying that I have to go swimming but odds are that if I buy the things, I’ll want to. Come to think of it, though, I’m going to have to try on my bathing suit again because I bought it about 20lbs ago. I might be too big. How awesome would that be?

4. Be mindful of monthly goals – Sometimes I forget completely what my monthly goals are. I make them for a reason, though, so I ought to actually put come effort into remembering what they are.

As always, what are your goals for this week? Do you get as impulsive as me when you’re sick?

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