Ooh, look, I took measurements! I’m less fat!!! I also would weigh less but I drank my weight in vodka on Saturday night and am retaining water. Yes, it was worth it. After spending the last six weeks or so staying home with almost saint like behavior (almost), I finally went dancing again. Oh how I missed the deafness-inducing subwoofer.

The thing about not showing up for six weeks, though, is that when you do come back again all the people you used to hang out with want to buy you drinks. The next thing you know, you’re drunk texting everyone that you haven’t seen for while and informing them of how much you miss them, how wonderful they are, and how despite being lit, you can still text with perfect grammar and spelling.

At least the next morning you have something to laugh about… and one of your estranged friends back. Yay for drunk texting!

Despite waiting to drink or go out until I was finished with my antibiotics and doing my best to take better care of myself, it seems that going out was too much too soon. I woke up on Sunday with a temperature and a chest cold. After eating, drinking water and Gatorade, and taking some medicine my temperature returned to normal but I’m definitely taking this for the warning that it is.

I’ll be making a concerted effort this week to make sure that I’m taking care of my body’s needs and I’ll probably stay in next weekend. A few more weeks of taking it easy will be completely worth it to stop this cycle of constantly getting sick. Besides, I’m not feeling that anxious need to be in constant movement anymore. I went out this weekend because it sounded like fun, not because I felt some manic need for it.

Still, too much too soon… I’ll go back to dancing in my living room for a while.

Here, check out my measurements and oogle at how flaca (in the words of my stepmother) I’m becoming.

Dear Universe, thank you for not taking my boobs away. For real, though, how does someone actually have two inches of extra fat on their neck? Really?

And damn! Almost ten inches from my waist, belly (where my belly-button is) and hips? Friggin awesome, methinks.

Let’s talk goals!

Last Week’s Goals:

1. RUN! It was my goal to run twice but I only did so once.

2. Start cooking at home. Oh yes, I totally did. Why hello delicious omelet.

3. No sugar. I did great with this one for the first part of the week and then it fell apart on Thursday. Blame the Irish.

This Week’s Goals:

1. Get rested: As much as I like staying up way too late reading Vanity Fair (no really, I love this book!), I need to get properly rested if I’m going to get past this whole constantly being sick thing.

2. Drink lots of water: Everything tastes bad to me when I’m sick. Water is the worst.

3. Don’t be a lard ass: I don’t know, I guess I really mean make healthy choices or something like that but my brain is pretty much fried and really only has room for two things. One is my longing for a nap.

So, my comments have been way down for a while, do me a favor and give me a little ego boost by telling me what your goals for the week are… or say pretty much whatever you feel like saying. Yeah, I’m being shameless.

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