So, wait, no one wanted to ask me anything? You really didn’t want the opportunity to get all up in my business? I mean, how could you possibly ignore my totally transparent attempt at a new level of attention whore-ism? Fine.

Okay, it’s out of my system.

This weekend I discovered and dealt with a few things. It’s all still whirling in my head right now and I need some time to actually articulate it in a way that anybody besides my mother would understand, but let me drop some hints.

1. I’m a girl and that’s okay (Skanky Tuesday)

2. I’m not a runner but I like to run (Wednesday)

3. If I don’t get back in the arts, my soul will die (Thursday)

4. I’m Owning It again, it needs to be done (Friday)

For today I’m going to simply try to get through the day and be somewhat productive as far too much flows through my head.

This weekend I also nearly finished putting my living room together. It almost looks like the home of a young adult. I have a few boxes still lingering around but I’m nearly done with getting things where they need to be. Of course, doing housework means that it was also dance party time so my whole body is ridiculously sore.

It really is far too hard to get myself to stop dancing. I might have a problem.

Whether cooking, cleaning, organizing, or “relaxing,” if there’s music I just can’t sit still.

It’s an affliction.

Let’s talk goals!

Last Week’s Goals:

1. Get rested: I win. I was really careful about getting enough sleep and even stayed home on Friday and Saturday night to rest. This little extrovert might be going a little stir crazy but at least I’m getting well.

2. Drink lots of water: For some reason this one was really difficult. Despite keeping a bottle or cup of water with me at all times and making sure to be sipping throughout the day, I strangely felt too stuffed up to drink much. I felt like every little sip was overwhelming. It was strange because usually I can suck down a glass without thinking twice. It was really uncomfortable. I still managed to make sure I was drinking a good amount of water.

3. Don’t be a lard ass: I was senile last week when I made this goal and I have no idea what I really meant by it. Sometimes even I don’t have any idea what the hell I’m talking about. I’ll just say that I passed this goal because it was a highly productive week and I definitely didn’t simply let myself go in the process of getting better.

This Week’s Goals:

1. Exercise twice this week: Yes, I do count my living room dance parties. I’m pretty sure that I burn more calories during one of those than I do when I go running. For this goal, though, I’ll specify that these should be workouts at the gym.

2. Walk home from work once: In the back of my mind, walking home from work once a week was a goal from the time I moved. Incidentally, this is my last week here so I’m going to go ahead and get this one in.

I know that I usually have food goals too but I don’t feel like I need them right now. I’ve been eating really well lately. Now that I’m doing my own grocery shopping, I have healthy food in my apartment and it’s harder to not eat well than it is to do so.

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