Alas, we start again.

Have I said that before?

Never mind.

I have a tan and it’s strange. I just thought I’d share that random little tidbit.

This morning I bring you a weigh-in (ouch), updated measurements (oh boy), and new goals (yay?).

I’m pretty sure all that melanin I gained from this silly tan is really heavy and that’s where the weight came from. That’s totally valid reasoning, right? I thought so.

Okay, so the weight might have actually come from a week of birthday partying, a week of my mom’s graduation partying, going out of town and down to LA partying, and visitors in town partying. That is a lot of partying and a lot of pizza.

And even more pizza.

Why do so many parties involve pizza?

Don’t answer that, I really don’t care. I love that delicious not-quite-a-sandwich-but-totally-superior food.

Right about now, though, I love the idea of being 50lbs lighter so much more, so we’re back on track.

Last night my mom and I sat out on her deck discussing both of our efforts to get back on track. She’s not like me. She’s never gotten even close to the weight I’m at. I don’t think she’s actually ever even broke 200lbs, not even when she was pregnant. She has a small amount of weight to lose but we like to talk about our goals together.

This week we’re both getting back to running and the basics of eating well. It’s nice to start over with someone. When I first started I kept it a big secret (except, you know, for the blog and all…) and didn’t tell anyone who knew me. This time it doesn’t have to be a secret. I’m half way there and I don’t care if anyone doesn’t think I’ll succeed. I’ve already exceeded my own expectations, let alone everyone else’s.


So, now I’m back at it with confidence in my ability and my body’s ability to do this. I’m moving forward in every area of my life and it feels really good. I’m reorganizing (you know, normal things like making sure that the color of my clothing matches color of the hanger I hang it on and such), sending out resumes, milking my contacts, eating well, exercising, getting new piercings (just try and guess where…), having necessary conversations with that certain someone, getting ready to go back to school, and (GASP!) practicing my vocal exercises again.

It sounds like a ton but it feels right.

Oh look, my measurements.

My neck is totally swollen due to sinus issues but besides that there’s no real remarkable change. Yes, I’ve gained a little in my stomach and hip area but I think that most of that is bloating left over from all of the aforementioned parties.

Let’s talk goals!

This Week’s Goals

1. Run twice – I’m running tonight and will run again before the end of the week when the “OMG I’m going to die from muscle pain” wears off from the strength training I plan to do as well.

2. Strength Train twice – I’m going to consult with someone who knows a whole lot more than me about what the heck to do and how to do it right and then I’m going to do it. Twice.

3. No sugar – This will be my first sugar free week in a long time. I’m probably going to be bitchy. If I still have friends and readers at the end of the week, I’ll do a happy dance.

4. Bed by midnight – In an attempt to get my body clock back on track for when I acquire a new job, I’m going to start getting up every day at 8am. Since I’m a monster without my eight hours of sleep, I need to go to sleep at midnight.

5. Drink water like a mofo – I don’t actually know how mofos drink water but it sounded good in my head. I just want to make this a priority.

So, inspire me, what are your goals for this week? Oh, and if anyone has a good newbie strength training routine I’d love if you’d share. I need all the smarty-pants or strong-pants help I can get.

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