Last week was just plain an emotional recovery week for me. There was something that happened that I needed to give myself some time to process. I didn’t really try. I let myself eat when I wanted to eat and let myself not eat when I didn’t feel like it. It certainly wasn’t a case of listening to my body but it might have been a case of giving myself grace.

Frankly, I haven’t really been trying for quite some time. I make goals and pretty quickly forget them. Drinking water has probably been the one thing I’ve actually stayed proactive about. My only real validation for this is that emotionally it was a really hard week. In addition to what happened on Sunday night, I was transitioning birth control pills (more on this tomorrow) and the hormonal changes have made me a little crazy.

It didn’t help things much.

What did help things were my mother’s reminders that tomatoes are not a meal, Sugar Muffin’s texts, and finding out that I can trust someone much more than I thought I could.

Anxiety has been a big issue for me right now. When I don’t have something I need to get up and do right away, I have trouble getting out of bed and then feel anxious about it. It’s not a nice way to start the day.

There’s a whole host of other issues I’m feeling anxious about too. It’s just one of those time periods I suppose. Once I get things back in order I’ll be fine again but in the mean time, there’s a lot that I’m working through.

Let’s Talk Goals

Last Weeks Goals

I’ll just summarize because the only one that I actually did any good with was drinking water. I was as proactive about that as possible. I didn’t make it to any fitness classes nor was I good about eating.

This Week’s Goals

1. Keep up with drinking water. I need another week of focusing on this to get the habit back in place so I’m going to make it a goal again.

2. Eat Breakfast. It’s too hard to just say “eat all your meals” so I’ll start with one at a time. I’m going to make sure to eat breakfast every day this week. Today I had 15 almonds which isn’t really enough but it’s a vast improvement over what I’ve been eating.

3. Eat enough to exercise. Another practical way to make myself eat more. I can’t work out if I haven’t fueled my body and I’m really craving a good workout.

4. Work out twice this week. Getting back in the swing so I’ll keep the number low but I’m really going to make the effort this week.

5. Do relaxation exercises. My anxiety has been really bad and I know how much these help.

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