Thank you to those who have joined me thus far. I’m really excited about my progress today and having one of those “happy in my skin” days. It was really nice to walk through the grocery story today in a shirt I couldn’t wear for a long time and just feeling comfortable with myself. Sure, I’m still working on the changes and still wanting to lose at least 100lbs, but I am content with the journey as it is.

Half Month Update on Goals for the Month:
1) No more aspartame: This one’s going really well. I haven’t had any and I’ve been feeling much better for it.
2) Work Cottage Cheese into my diet: Yes… every bite I take of this lumpy bastard makes me a little bitter but I’m trying to change my attitude
3) Be more diligent about drinking water:  Definitely, since I stopped drinking soda again I’ve been BFF with water.
4) Try a new recipe each week: Yes, I should really tell more about these, someone might like one.
5) Finish my blog redesign: Design… getting there. The HTML… Shit.

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